(Full-field 6v6 play)


The Edge strives to be as close to outdoor play as you can get indoors with a couple of exceptions.




Treat rules as per outdoors, including throw-ins, offside and slide tackling. The goal area doubles as the penalty area, and required distance on restarts is 5 yards. Nets/ceiling objects are out of play and the restart is a throw-in nearest where the ball touched the ceiling. Major differences are 1) Subs are on the fly at any time; players must enter/exit in front of their bench and be almost all the way off before the sub comes on, 2) 5-second rule on restarts (from when the ball is placed and ready) to keep the game moving, 3) Kickoffs can go any direction.




Most aspects of the game conform to FIFA standards, with the following exceptions:


Law 1: The Field of Play

The full field is 35x56 yards.  Soccer lines are marked in yellow.  There is one area marked in front of each goal, 6 yards deep and 20 yards wide; this area serves as both the goal area and the penalty area.  Goals for U10 and older are 18.5x6.5 feet; goals for U9 and younger are 12x6.5 feet.  The penalty kick spot is 10 yards from the goal line.


Law 3: The Number of Players

Each team shall field six players, one of whom shall be designated the goalkeeper.  A team must field at least four players or the match will be forfeit or abandoned.  For coed adult leagues, each team may have a maximum of three males on the field at any time.  A team that trails by four or more goals may add an additional player (who may be either male or female in coed matches), team that trails by eight or more goals may add yet one more player.


Substitutions: Subs are done "on the fly" at any time during play. Players must enter an exit the field from in front of their bench area (which runs roughly 5 yards from the center line to 10 yards from the goal line). The player coming off must be within a yard or so of the boundary before the substitute can step on. Violation of this rule, if play is intefered with by an extra player, will result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team from the spot of the ball when the violation took place. (Referees can also issue a yellow card to the entering sub if, in the referee's opinion, the illegal substitution was done for tactical purposes.)


Law 4:  The Player's Equipment

The team designated as “Home” on the official game card is responsible for changing uniform colors or donning pennies provided by The Edge if there is a conflict.  NO JEWELERY... we are strict on this, even in adult leagues.  Jewelry stays on the sideline... whether the player wishes to stay with it is their choice.


Law 5 & 6: The Referee & Assistant Referee

The Edge uses a dual referee system, both with whistles, patrolling opposite quadrants.


Law 7:  The Duration of the Match

The match lasts two equal periods of 25 minutes each, with a two-minute halftime interval.


Law 8: The Start and Restart of Play

The team listed as “Home” in the official game card will kick off first half; the other team will kick off second half.  Opponents of the team taking the kick-off must be at least 5 yards from the ball until it is in play. Kickoffs may go in any direction.


5-Second Rule: Once the ball is properly placed for a restart and the referee is ready, players have roughly 5 seconds to put the ball into play. If this is violated on a kick-off, free kick or throw-in, the restart is given to the opposing team. If the violation is on a goal kick, the opponent will receive a corner kick; if the violation is on a corner kick, the opponent will receive a goal kick. Note that this rule is intended to keep the game moving and prevent stalling, not to constantly penalize teams who take a half-second too long. This should only be called in clear cases of delaying the restart.


Law 9:  Ball In and Out of Play

If the ball touches the ceiling net, or any other part of the building (including trusses, divider curtains, lights, baseball hitting tunnels, etc.) over the field of play, a throw-in will be given to the other team from the one that last touched the ball.


Law 11: Offside

Offside in effect as per FIFA Laws.


Law 12:  Fouls and Misconduct

If a player receives a red card, he is sent off and his/her team will play shorthanded for five minutes, at which time the player may be substituted for and the team brought back to full strength.  The ejected player must immediately leave the facility (minors may be placed in care of an adult).  Ejected players may not be in the facility for their suspended games, even as a spectator.

Having gum, food or sports drink anywhere on the field, including in the player bench area is not allowed; remind players first, and only caution in case of known repeat offenses.  Spitting on the field is an immediate caution.


Law 13:  Free Kicks

All opponents are to remain at least 5 yards away from the ball until it is kicked.


Law 14:  The Penalty Kick

The ball is placed 10 yards from the goal line.  The players other than the kicker and the goalkeeper must remain behind the center line until the ball is kicked.


Law 15, 16, 17: Throw-In, Goal Kick, Corner Kick

As per FIFA Laws.


Prodedures to Determine the Winner of a Match
If a winner is needed for semi-final or championship games after the teams draw in regulation, there will be a 3-minute Golden Goal overtime period. If no team scores in that period, a winner will be decided by a penalty shoot-out, best of 3 shooters (if still tied, continue one round at a time until there is a winner).


Edge Sports Center 3v3 Rules


The Edge runs 3v3 leagues, with games on 1/3 of the field. These games run two 11-minute halves, and otherwise follow standard 3v3 rules. Usually the curtains divide the field during these matches; the curtain is out of bounds and players should be allowed some leeway to bring the ball a yard or two away from the curtain so they have room for kick-ins.


3v3 Rules (from Kick It 3v3)Link