Pay rates per referee, dual referee system:


Adult Games $20
High School Boys $20
High School Girls/Coed $18
U13-U14 Youth $15
U11-U12 Youth $15
U9-U10 Youth $15


Pay rates per referee, 3v3 single referee:


U5-U8 (four 10-minute quarters) $8
U9-U10 (four 10-minute quarters) $9


Special Situation bonuses:


Late Shows:


If you come in on a non-scheduled, ‘emergency’ basis (i.e., there is a no-show and The Edge staff has to call around and find another referee), you are paid for the full game, regardless of when you are actually able to arrive. If the scheduled referee comes in after the substitute arrives, the substitute finishes the game and gets the pay.




Game cards are usually pre-printed with game info and referee names; the cards are also the record for payment. If there is a blank, "tbd" or incorrect name on the game card, make sure you write your name in! Checks are issued monthly, usually on the first Friday following the end of the month. Stop by the Edge to pick up your check, or contact them if you need to make other arrangements.